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8 days: Sinai Trekking OR Diving

Cost: £650 / Minimum group size 6

We offer a week in which members of a group can concentrate on either trekking or diving while meeting up during the week to share experiences.

Day.1 Arrival in Sharm airport. Overnight in Dahab
Day.2 Visit the Monastery of St Catherine, climb Mt Sinai, explore archaeological sites and overnight in Beoduin tent.
Day.3 Discover the Bedouin gardens, investigate medicinal herbs, learn about the stars and overnight in Camel School Camp.
Day.4 Learn how to ride camels. Evening camel trek. Overnight in Camel School Camp.
Day.5 Trek in the High Mountains and climb Mt Katrine (2600 m). Overnight in Dahab
Day.6 Take a boat safari and snorkel. Overnight in Dahab
Day.7 Ride and race camels in the desert. Overnight in Dahab
Day.8 Free day, transfer to airport and departure
Day 1 Arrival in Sharm airport. Overnight in Dahab
Day 2 Open Water Dive Course
Day 3 Open Water Dive Course
Day 4 Open Water Dive Course
Day 5 Open Water Dive Course
Day 6 Boat dive
Day 7 Drive and walk through the sand desert. Overnight in Dahab.
Day 8 Free day, transfer to airport and departure

The parallel programme is designed so that the group can spend the first night together in Dahab when a complimentary meal is offered. The following morning, the trekkers travel to St Catherine (90 mins away) for four days of exploration, trekking and camel riding while the divers stay in Dahab for their Open Water  Course. On the fifth day of the programme, divers and trekkers meet up to exchange experiences and then on the sixth day both can participate in a boat trip, the trekkers can receive instruction in snorkeling while the divers can extend their diving. Both groups are together again in the evening. The following day, both groups set off for a day in the desert, trekkers can show off their camel riding skills while the divers can speed around in jeeps.The cost of the programme, excluding flights, is £650. For the divers, it includes the equipment, instruction, certification, meals and overnights.For the trekkers, the price includes all meals, overnights, guides, camels, instruction and Bedouin charges.

Minimum size is 6 for either the trekking or diving programmes.

We are happy to adapt the programme to the interests of particular groups and can make arrangements for those divers who already have PADI qualifications.