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Packages allow groups to extend their experience of Egypt beyond the mountains and deserts to Cairo and the Red Sea.

As revolutionary currents sweep through the Middle East, this is the moment to talk to the people of Egypt and engage with local communities.

We recruit all our guides from the local communities, maintain a good ratio of guides to visitors, keep group sizes small and allow larger groups to separate into smaller groups which can meet up in the evening to share experiences.

3 days: Alamein Battlefield tour

Wilderness Ventures Egypt is providing a rare opportunity to explore the strategic features of the Alamein battlefield with visits to the memorials and cemeteries, discussions on the history of the North African Campaign and camping on the North Coast and Qattara Depression. Read more

8 days: Sinai Trekking or Diving 

After a first evening together in Dahab, the group separates to pursue either an Open Water Diving course OR a programme of trekking and camel riding, coming together again for shared activities on the last two days. Read more

15 days: Cairo + Sinai Trekking and Diving 

In two weeks, a group can take up both diving AND trekking after spending three exciting days exploring Cairo, pharaonic, medieval and revolutionary. Read more

15 days: Cairo, El Alamein and the Western Desert 

After three days in Cairo, the group will visit the memorials and museum of El Alamein and explore the battlefield followed by a thrilling long range jeep safari to Siwa, the Great Sand Sea and White Desert. Read more