Practical information for visitors.
Egyptian flag Travel advice

Just get yourself to Egypt and we will do all the rest. Here you will find information on flights, visas, transfers and money.
Healthy Bedouin food Health and Safety

Be prepared and sensible and you can enjoy clean food and water and be sure of a healthy time in Egypt. Here we provide information on medical provision, vaccination requirements and a link to the British Embassy’s travel and safety advice.
Responsible tourism Yallajabaleya Responsible tourism

Yallajabaleya employs only the local bedouin for all its programmes. It supports skill development, marketing of local crafts, garden upgrades and women’s participation.
Monastery opening times

Make sure the monastery and the icon gallery are open when you visit. The calendar gives the days when the monastery is closed for the principal events in the Orthodox year.
Moon phases Mt Sinai Moon phases and times of sunrise and sunset

Your experience in the desert is greatly enhanced by taking into consideration the phases of the moon. For an evening camel treking, choose the nights before the full moon; to view the stars, choose the nights after the full moon!

Trekking in Sinai is facilitated by the good weather and the presence of pack camels to carry all your gear. Yalla Jabaleya provides all meals and overnight facilities. We list the remaining equipment that you need to bring.