Western Desert

Our Western Desert galleries show the extraordinary scale and magnificence of the Western Desert that can only be explored by long range jeep safaris.

El Alamein battlefield

In a tour of the war memorials and strategic features of the Alamein battlefield, a feeling grows for the enormous scale of the battle and for the tragic personal stories of those who died.
North African campaign 

Any tour that ranges over the Western Desert will find abandoned vehicles from the war and the Long Range Desert Group. In February, 2012, a Kitty Hawk was discovered lying unremarked in the desert sands for 70 years.
The Great Sand Sea

“I increased speed… A huge glaring wall of yellow shot up high into the sky. The lorry tipped violently backwards … We floated up on a yellow cloud… It was incredible.” Bagnold on the first breasting of a sand dune in a motorised vehicle.
Gilf Kebir and Jebel Uweinat

It’s here that incredible rock painting and archaeological remains give silent testimony to a time when rain pooled amongst the rocks and giraffe, gazelle and ostrich grazed the savannah.

Water emerges from deep aquifers in the oases of Siwa, Bahareya and Dakhla that has allowed ancient civilisations to thrive and dense vegetation to grow.
White Desert

Onto the silent beds of deep waters, the shells of calcareous plankton slowly settled, building up sizeable chalk deposits which have now been exposed by continental uplift to be sculpted by the wind and sand.
Mediterranean coast

A recreational excursion to enjoy the sea and the sand away from the crowds with top quality camping in tents or under the stars.