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Our Sinai galleries show the wide range of activities that can take place in this fantastic landscape of mountains, deserts, gardens and starlit skies.

Explore Mt Sinai 

Climb the mountain of Moses by ancient pilgrimage trails. Explore hermit cells and the remains of early monastic settlements. Overnight in a Bedouin tent. Join the pilgrims on the summit for sunrise. Descend by the Steps of Repentance. See images

Trek in the High Mountains

Discover mountain springs and rock pools. Ascend the highest peaks in Egypt. Explore hidden wadis and mountain basins. Scramble down gullies. Slide down the smooth rocks of dried out waterfalls. Camp in the Bedouin gardens. See images

Learn to ride camels

Enjoy a rare opportunity to work closely with the Bedouin, win their confidence and share the experience of riding camels together. One Bedouin teacher accompanies every two pupils. Everyone is mounted. See images

Explore the desert on camel back

Take a camel safari and discover mountain wadis and sand deserts. Carry all that you need with you. No pack camels! No-one on the ground! Just you and your teachers. A real camel trek. It’s the Bedouin life. See images

Learn about St Catherine’s monastery

Receive an authoritative tour of the Icon gallery and basilica. View the oldest icons in Christendom. Inspect ancient codices. Discover the writings of John Climacus. Learn about the beginnings of the monastic movement. See images

Discover the Bedouin gardens

In a unique landscape of gardens with vegetables and fruit trees, receive an excellent lunch and introduction to Bedouin cuisine, gardening practices and medicinal herbs. It’s here that John Climacus lived in a cave in the 6th Century See images

Learn about Medicinal Herbs

In the testing landscape of Mt Sinai, plants have developed potent chemical to protect themselves from the intense sunlight and grazing animals. Learn from the Bedouin how they have exploited these potencies in a rich herbal pharmacopoeia. See more

Learn about the stars

Spend the evening star gazing and learn to orientate yourself around the celestial sphere. Identify the constellations of the Zodiac. View the Milky Way. Use a telescope to observe planets, nebulae, galaxies and globular clusters. See images

Track animals

Discover insects, birds, reptiles and mammals that survive remarkably well in the desert environment. See images

Participate in Bedouin life

Meet the Bedouin. Listen to their stories. Walk, ride and joke with them. Discover a rich culture. Receive warm hospitality. Learn from a people that remain in contact with the land that bred them. See more