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Activities are designed to be original and exciting while giving a real insight into the nature of Cairo, pharaonic, medieval and revolutionary.

Explore medieval Cairo

Visit mosques of the Fatimid and Mamluk khalifs. Climb minarets in the twilight. Explore mausoleums in the Cities of the Dead. Lounge in Mamluk palaces and let your guide translate the Arabic poetry inscribed on the walls. See images

Discover pyramids

Take a taxi beyond Giza and away from the crowds to Saqqara to discover early mastaba tombs and the Step Pyramid of Djosar. Move on to Dahshur and climb down into the Red pyramid. Visit the Giza pyramids as evening is settling in. See images

Explore the Egyptian Museum

Spend a morning in the world’s greatest antiquities museum. Find personality in the faces of the pharaohs. Discover a deified mongoose and shrew. Marvel at  vivid portraits from the Fayoum. Gaze in awe at the treasures of Tutankhamen. See images

Walk Downtown

Climb up into pigeon lofts, listen to local music, explore the local art galleries and travel on taxis, river boats and metro. Walk the streets of Downtown, witness Tahrir Square and discover Egyptian café life and restaurants. See images