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Our Galleries illustrate the astonishing variety of landscapes found in the mountains and deserts of Egypt from Sinai to the Red Sea, El Alamein to the Gilf Kebir, as well as the revolutionary cityscape and people of Cairo.


The Sinai Wilderness has deep cultural significance for Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. It is also home to the Jabaleya Bedouin who know how to live off the land and can provide visitors with a privileged insight into this unique landscape. See images


The pharaohs created their capital at Memphis, the priests in Heliopolis. The Romans built Babylon on the Nile. The Arabs built Fustat, the Fatimids, Cairo. For Egyptians, the whole megalopolis is simply “Mother of the World” See images

Western Desert

The Western Desert is the largest wilderness in the world, covering an area as large as that of the Indian subcontinent. This is the place to come for exploration and to escape the feverish agitation of the city. See images

Red Sea

An international waterway, a strategic asset, a National Park, home to one of the world’s most diverse marine ecosystems with translucent sun-sparkling waters, the Red Sea beckons See more