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3 days: Tour of the El Alamein battlefield

A three day tour of the battlefield with camping on the edge of the Qattara depression. An opportunity to discuss the political background, military strategies and human stories of the battle. A possible weekend tour from Cairo.

Galleries: El AlameinNorth African Campaign

Stories: Alamein (battles)Alamein (politics)Alamein (people)

Day 1 Thursday: Memorials, Tel el Eissa, Blockhouse and camping on the Mediterranean coast
7.00am Departure of bus from Miden Victoria, Maadi (in front of ACE club)
11.00am Visit German memorial, solemn Teutonic ossuary on a coastal ridge which was captured by the Australians in the fierce fightig that first stopped Rommel’s advance in July
11.45pm Visit Italian memorial, built by an Italian officer, Dominioni di Sillavengo, who spent 20 years scouring the battlefield for the remains of his comrades, near the site of the German radio intercept unit which was captured along with valuable code books, crippling Rommel’s capacity to listen in on British radio traffic
12.30pm Lunch at the Italian memorial
1.30pm Visit Tel el Eissa, strategic position with good views of the battlefield, fought over in July after capture of coastal ridge.
2.00pm Visit railway cutting and station of Tel el Eissa.
2.30pm View the Blockhouse which became an international dressing station during a bloody three day attack by the Australians with wounded from both sides being treated by both German and Australian doctors.
3.30pm Return to coast
4.00pm Set up camp on Mediterranean coast near German memorial
5.04pm Sunset, half moon in the sky
6.00pm Review of battlefield and discussion of the tactical and strategic movements through July to October
7.00pm Dinner
Overnight in camp
Day 2 Friday: Battlefield features
6.38am Sunrise
7.00am Reveille and breakfast
8.00am Take down tents
9.30am Departure for the battlefield
10.00am View Point 29, part of the thrust north on October 25th that kept the Germans busy while Montgomery planned the final breakout.
10.15am Drive along the Front Line manned by infantry divisions of Australians, Highlanders, New Zealanders and South Africans as far as Mitereiya Ridge.
11.00am Visit Kidney Ridge, memorial to Hans-Joachim Marseille and Tel el Aqqaqir.
1.00pm Drive through the British front lines
2.30pm View the New Zealand July position, Kaponga Box, at the Qarit el Abd which later became an Italian hospital
4.00pm Camp near Naqb Abu Duweis on the edge of the Qattara Depression
5.04pm Sunset / Erect tents
7.00pm Dinner
Overnight in camp
Day 3 Saturday: Ruweisat Ridge, Commonwealth Cemetery and museum
6.38am Sunrise
7.00am Breakfast
7.30am Take down tents and explore escarpment of the Qattara Depressions
9.00am Drive to Qarit el Himeimat, strategic position held by Italians and attacked by the Free French Brigade that had proved its mettle at Bir Hakeim
10.30am Climb Himeimat to view battlefield
11.00am Drive to through southern section of battlefield
12.30pm View Ruweisat Ridge, crucial vantage point and site of fierce engagements that involved Indian and New Zealand divisions during the fighting that first stopped Rommel in July.
1.30pm View 1942 El Alamein Railway station, still an iconic site
2.00pm Visit Commonwealth Cemetery and the Battle Museum
3.15pm Lunch
4.00pm Departure for Cairo
7.30pm Arrive in Cairo