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Western Desert

Ponder the battlefield of El Alamein and follow the routes of the Long Range Desert Group through the Western Desert to Siwa, Uweinat and the Gilf Kebir.

Discover the thrill of driving across the sand dunes and experience the soft, beautiful, phantasmagoric landscape of the White Desert in moon light.

Our tours are envisaged as long range jeep safaris looping through the Western Desert to explore as much as possible within the time available. Zarzora has over twenty years of experience in the logistics of such challenging expeditions.

Please contact us for more information on tailored programmes, prices and bookings.

3 days: El Alamein battlefield tour

A three day tour of the battlefield with camping on the edge of the Qattara depression. An opportunity to discuss the political background, military strategies and human stories of the battle. A possible weekend tour from Cairo. Read more

8 days: Siwa, Great Sand Sea and White Desert jeep safari

An eight day tour visiting Siwa, the Great Sand Sea, White Desert and Bahareya. Read more

10 days: Western Desert Oases expedition by jeep safari

A ten day tour visiting Alexandria, el Alamein, Siwa, Western Desert, Bahareya, White Desert, Dakhla, Kharga and Luxor. Read more

17 days: Gilf Kebir Expedition by jeep safari

A seventeen day expedition visiting the White Desert, Ammonite Scarp, Abu Ballas, Gilf Kebir, Uweinat, Great Sand Sea, Siwa and Bahareya. Read more

Mediterranean coast and Siwa jeep safari

A ten day tour visiting Alexandria, the Northern Coast, Siwa and the Great Sand Sea. Read more