3 days: Trekking Sinai Jebel Serbal

Jebel Serbal lies in a remote corner of Sinai, about 50 km from St Katherine. A colony of monks established a monastery here around the same time as the monks of Mt Sinai. Nabataean ruins and inscriptions abound. The Jebel Serbal range gives exceptional views over the gulf of Suez and Wadi Firaan. Fertile mountain basins lie between fantastic peaks and plunging gullies. It’s a challenging trek.

Hiking Jebel Serbal
Day 1 Hike up wadi Alyeet and climb up Jebel Serbal
Rendezvous in Wadi Firaan at the Convent
Trek up Wadi Alyeet (Nabataean inscriptions)
Lunch at foot of gulley
Climb up gulley (Wadi Sha’araani) to summit (steep ascent)
Camp in Farsh Looza (mountain basin with well)
Climb peak for view over gulf at sunset
Dinner and overnight
Day 2 Exploration of mountain basins and descent of Jebel Serbal
Early reveille
Ascent of highest peak for views over High Mountain region
Descent for late breakfast
Hike the mountain basins along Serbal ridge
Tea in Hagar el Imbadeya
Reach Nakhel (palm trees) and Rocks Campsite in Wadi Rim
Overnight in Wadi Rim Campsite
Day 3 Hike to Wadi Alyeet
Climb over ridge into Wadi Alyeet
Walk back down Wadi Alyeet to Convent of Wadi Firaan