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3 days: Trekking Sinai Jebel Katrine

Hikes in the High Mountains can be arranged for one day or several. Hiking can also be extended to more remote regions such as Jebel Serbal or Jebel Umm Shaumar. It is even possible to trek in the sandstone desert of Ain Khodra, though Yallajabaleya recommends light camel treks in this area. The following is an example of a three day hike in the High Mountains which tries to pack in as much of the spectacular mountains as possible. It’s a tough trek.

Day 1: Mt Abbas Pasha

  • Descend Wadi Itlah (Bedouin gardens)
  • Climb up gulley of Wadi Shagg Tinya (Rock pools)
  • Climb to summit of Jebel Abbas Pasha (2nd highest peak in Sinai)
  • Overnight in gardens of Wadi Zuwatein

Day 2: Blue Pool (Galt el Azraq)

  • Trek to Blue Pool (fresh water pool in deep wadi)
  • Overnight in gardens of Wadi Rumana

Day 3: Mt Katrine

  • Climb up Wadi Ahmar (scramble over large boulders)
  • Hike to summit of Mt Katrine (highest peak in Egypt)
  • Return to village by wadi of the 40 Martyrs (Arba’iin)
  • Overnight in Bedouin Camp of Sheikh Musa

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