1 day: St Catherine Monastery tour and Mt Sinai climb

After a fascinating tour of the monastery, its icon gallery and basilica, visitors climb Mt Sinai for a campfire lunch in Elijah’s Basin and then explore the ridges for hermit cells and the remains of early monastic communities before climbing to the summit for sunset and descending by the camel path in the twilight. This programme can be done on a day visit from Dahab.

Galleries: Monastery;Mt Sinai

Stories: Mt Sinai and the Monastery of St Catherine

1 day Tour of St Catherine Monastery and ascent of Mt Sinai for Sunset
9.00 am Tour of the monastery of St Catherine (icon gallery, basilica and burning bush)
11.00 am Climb up Steps of Repentance
12.00 pm Lunch in monastery garden in Elijah’s basin
1.00 pm Explore hermit cells and remains of monastic settlements
3.30 pm Tea in Elijah’s Basin
4.30 pm Climb steps to summit of Mt Sinai
5.30 pm Sunset
6.00 pm Walk down camel track to St Catherine monastery
7.30 pm Arrive at the monastery