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2 days: Mt Sinai and Bedouin gardens

Visitors can discover the monastery, climb Mt Sinai, explore hermit cells, spend overnight on the mountain, join the pilgrims on the summit for sunrise and visit the Bedouin gardens, the best introduction to the history, culture and environment of the Mt Sinai region.

Though best done over two full days, for visitors coming from Cairo for a weekend, the programme can be adjusted to fit in with a departure from Cairo at 6.00 am, arriving around noon for lunch and a departure from St Katherine around 3.00 pm to arrive back in Cairo at 9.00 pm. Please contact us for more advice. Transport from Cairo can be arranged. Times are not rigid but provide a framework for the day.

Galleries: MonasteryMt SinaiBedouin GardensMedicinal Herbs

Stories: Mt Sinai and the Monastery of St Catherine

Day 1 Monastery / Pilgrimage trails / Hermit cells / Byzantine ruins
8.00 am Breakfast
8.30 am Transfer to monastery
9.00 am Guided tour round monastery, icon gallery, basilica and Burning Bush
11.00 am Visit Fansina Bedouin Crafts Centre
12.00 am Lunch
1.00 pm Walk up Wadi of the 40 Martyrs (Arba’iin)
2.00 pm Tea in Garden of the Monastery of the 40 Martyrs
2.30 pm Climb Mt Sinai by ancient pilgirmage trails
3.30 pm Explore hermit cells
4.00 pm Explore ruins of Byzantine monastic settlements
5.30 pm Climb Mt Sinai ridge domes for sunset
6.30 pm Arrive in Elijah’s Basin / Settle into camp in monastery garden
7.30 pm Dinner
Overnight in Camp
Day 2 Sunrise on Summit / Steps of Repentance / Bedouin gardens
4.00 am Reveille and climb to summit of Mt Sinai
5.00 am Sunrise on summit of Mt Sinai
6.00 am Descent back to camp
7.00 am Breakfast
8.00 am Descent by Steps of Repentance
10.00 am Arrive at Monastery / Transfer to Abu Seyla
10.30 am Scramble down gully or walk over ridge to Wadi Itlah
12.00 pm Identify herbs and visit Bedouin gardens / Lunch
2.30 pm Climb up to view Cave of John Climacus
3.30 pm Walk up Wadi Itlah back to village
5.30 pm Arrive back in village
6.00 pm Settle into Bedouin Camp of Sheikh Musa
7.00 pm Dinner
Overnight in Bedouin Camp