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2 days: Camel Riding School and Trek

Two days are best to gain confidence in riding camels. The first day involves instruction and the second day a closely supervised trek. An overnight is very pleasant in the camel school camp with a green olive garden, shaded sitting areas, good sleeping rooms, ecotoilet and washing area. An evening of star gazing can be added.

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Day 1 Lessons in camel riding
8.00 am Breakfast
9.00 am Walk over ridge from Abu Seyla to Camel School
10.00 am Tea break
10.30 am Lesson 1: couching, standing, mounting and dismounting a camel
11.30 am Tea break
12.00 pm Lesson 2: saddling a camel, sitting correctly and directing a camel
1.00 pm Lunch
2.30 pm Lesson 3: changing the pace of a camel
3.30 pm Tea break
4.00 pm Short trek
6.00 pm Arrive back in camp
7.00 pm Option for an introduction to astronomy
8.30 pm Dinner
Overnight in Camel School Camp
Day 2 Introduction to camel trekking
7.00 am Reveille and breakfast
8.30 am Saddling and loading the camel
9.30 am Camel trek to Bedouin garden, chapel and monastic ruins
11.30 am Camel trek to Wadi Nugra
12.30 pm Lunch
1.30 pm Climb Jebel Binette
3.30 pm Return camel trek by Wadi Rumana to Camel School
6.00 pm Arrive back in Camel School camp
6.30 pm Return walk over ridge to Abu Seyla and return to village
7.30 pm Settle into Bedouin Camp of Sheikh Musa