2 days: Camel safari Sinai

A splendid camel safari through the limestone desert around Ain Khodra and Matamir. Visitors will be riding their own camels and carrying all they need. They will be accompanied by their own camel teachers and a camel rider from the Muzeina tribe. All will be mounted. Only for those who have learnt how to ride at the Yalla Jabaleya Camel School.

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Camel riding safari Sinai Egypt
Day 1 Camel safari in Ain Khodra, Wadi Rum, Nawamis, Matamir
8.00 am Rendezvous and walk to the White Canyon
9.00 am Scramble down canyon
10.00 am Arrive in Ain Khodra oasis / Tea
10.30 am Check camels, load and practice
11.30 am Depart on camel safari / Wadi Rum
1.00 pm Lunch at Finger Rock
3.00 pm Continue camel safari along Wadi Rum
4.00 pm Cross asphalt road
4.30 pm Explore Nawamis tombs
5.00 pm Complete camel safari to Matamir
6.00 pm Prepare camp
7.00 pm Dinner
Overnight in camp
Day 2 Camel safari around Jebel Birqa
5.30 am Breakfast
6.30 am Start camel safari
8.30 am Jebel Makhroum / tea break
9.30 am Continue camel safari
10.00 am Haduuda sand dune
10.30 am Continue camel safari
11.30 am Break
12.00 pm Continue camel safari
1.00 pm Lunch in Wadi Ratam
3.00 pm Continue camel safari
4.30 pm Arrive at Ain Khodra cafeteria on the road