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2 days: Camel safari Sinai

Day 1: Camel safari in Ain Hodra, Wadi Rum, Nawamis and Matamir

  • Rendezvous at Ain Hodra road cafeteria
  • Scramble down White Canyon
  • Tea break in Ain Hodra Oasis
  • Check camels, load and practice.
  • Trek down Wadi Rum with lunch at Finger Rock
  • Ride to Nawamis tombs for exploration
  • Complete trek at Matamir to prepare camp in soft sand
  • Dinner and overnight in camp

Day 2: Camel safari round Jebel Birqa

  • Reveille at sunrise and breakfast
  • Trek to Jebel Makhroum and for a tea break
  • Continue trek to Haduuda sand dune and climb by foot.
  • Continue trek and take lunch in Wadi Ratam
  • Finish trek at Ain Hodra cafeteria

Ain Hodra is half way between St Catherine and Dahab so guests can arrive from either and return on completion of the tour.

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