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1 day: Camel riding lessons

Visitors can learn to ride camels in the only camel school in Sinai with fully trained camel teachers. This programme can be done on a day visit from Dahab. Suitable for small groups, families or schools.

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1 day Camel riding lessons
9.00 am Walk over ridge from Abu Seyla to Camel School
10.00 am Tea break
10.30 am Lesson 1: couching, standing, mounting and dismounting a camel
11.30 am Tea break
12.00 pm Lesson 2: saddling a camel, sitting correctly and directing a camel
1.00 pm Lunch
2.30 pm Lesson 3: changing the pace of a camel
3.30 pm Tea break
4.00 pm Short camel trek
6.00 pm Arrive back in camp