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1 day: Camel riding lessons

  • Walk over ridge from Abu Seyla to Camel School.
  • Take tea in the Camel School garden.
  • Lesson 1: You first learn how to couch a camel and hobble it. After this you learn how to mount and dismount the camel as its couched and hobbled. Once you have mastered this you need to free the camel from its hobble, make the camel stand up and then practice mounting and dismounting a standing camel.
  • Tea break in garden
  • Lesson 2: You now learn how to saddle a camel and how to adjust the saddle for comfort. You then practice sitting properly on a camel and how to direct it with the single rein. Most importantly, you learn how to stop a camel in its tracks with two hands on the rein.
  • Campfire lunch in garden.
  • Lesson 3: Once you have gained confidence in handling a camel you can then learn how to speed it up and change its gait.
  • Lesson 4: You can now practice all your skills in a wonderful two hour trek to the remains of an ancient monastic community, returning to the camp with the sunset.
  • Walk over ridge back to Abu Seyla village.

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