1 day: Bedouin gardens and medicinal herbs

Visitors can discover the rich tradition of Bedouin gardens and medicinal herbs in a fun day of exploration and eating. This programme can be done on a day visit from Dahab. An early visit to the monastery could also be fitted in.

Galleries: Bedouin gardens; Medicinal herbs

Stories: Medicinal herbs

1 day Bedouin gardens
9.00 am Climb from village to garden of El Freish (remains of Byzantine irrigation)
10.00 am Scramble down to Wadi Qweiz (identify herbs)
11.30 am Discover cell and shrine of John Climacus (see Sinai history stories)
12.30 pm Bedouin lunch in garden of ‘Oda (Bedouin cuisine)
1.30 pm Visit other gardens (learn about Bedouin gardening techniques)
3.00 pm Visit herbal garden (learn about the medicinal herbs)
5.00 pm Climb over ridge or scramble up gulley to village of Abu Seyla
6.30 pm Transfer back to village of St Catherine