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6 days: Sinai mountain experience

An opportunity to do as much as possible in six days. This programme is designed to be follow a holiday in Cairo or on the Red Sea. It’s therefore scheduled to start immediately after transfer and arrival in St Catherine around midday. This is just a schema that can be expanded or changed according to interests.

Day 1: Arrival / Mt Sinai / Pilgrimage trails / hermit cells / overnight camp

  • Arrival in village of St Catherine
  • Lunch
  • Climb Mt Sinai from the back by ancient pilgrimage trails
  • Discover hermit cells and the traces of early monastic settlements
  • Dinner round campfire
  • Arrival in Elijah’s Basin
  • Overnight in Elijah’s Basin in monastery garden

Day 2: Sunrise on summit / Steps of Repentance / Monastery / Bedouin gardens / herbals

  • Early rise to climb summit for sunrise
  • Descent to camp for breakfast
  • Descent of mountain by Steps of Repentance
  • Visit monastery of St Catherine and Icon Gallery
  • Walk down Wadi Itlah (Garden wadi) – identify herbs
  • Lunch in Herbal Garden of Mohamed Oda
  • Exploration of gardens – identifying medicinal herbs
  • View cave and chapel of John Climacus
  • Dinner and overnight in Herbal Garden

Day 3: Trekking in High Mountains

  • Reveille and Breakfast
  • Climb up gulley of Wadi Shagg Tinya (gardens and rock pools)
  • Lunch
  • Explore ridges and wadis to Wadi Mathar
  • Settle into garden
  • Dinner round campfire
  • Overnight in garden

Day 4: Trekking in High Mountains / Ascent of Mt Katrine

  • Breakfast
  • Climb up Wadi Ahmar
  • Lunch on mountain pass
  • Ascent to summit of Mt Katrine (highest peak in Egypt)
  • Descent to village camp
  • Dinner
  • Overnight in village camp

Day 5: Camel Riding School / Stars

  • Reveille and breakfast
  • Transfer and walk to Camel Riding School
  • Lessons on couching, standing, mounting, dismounting and riding a camel
  • Lunch
  • Lesson on changing the pace of a camel
  • Evening trial trek
  • Introduction to the stars
  • Dinner
  • Overnight in camel camp

Day 6: Camel trek

  • Reveille and breakfast
  • Descent to village and transfer to Matamir
  • Camel trek in the desert of Matamir
  • Lunch
  • Camel trek and camel running in the soft sand desert
  • Arrival at the asphalt road at sunset
  • Transfer back to Dahab, Sharm or St Catherine