6 days: Sinai mountain experience

An opportunity to do as much as possible in six days. This programme is designed to be follow a holiday in Cairo or on the Red Sea. It’s therefore scheduled to start immediately after transfer and arrival in St Catherine around midday. This is just a schema that can be expanded or changed according to interests.Trekking on Mt Sinai
Day 1
 Arrival / Mt Sinai / Pilgrimage trails / hermit cells / overnight camp
 0000 Arrival in village of St Catherine
  Climb Mt Sinai from the back by ancient pilgrimage trails
  Discover hermit cells and the traces of early monastic settlements 
  Dinner round campfire
  Arrival in Elijah’s Basin
  Overnight in Elijah’s Basin in monastery garden
Day 2 Sunrise on summit / Steps of Repentance / Monastery / Bedouin gardens / herbs
  Early rise to climb summit for sunrise
  Descent to camp for breafast
  Descent of mountain by Steps of Repentance
  Visit monastery of St Catherine and Icon Gallery
  Walk down Wadi Itlah (Garden wadi) – identify herbs
  Lunch in garden of Mohamed Oda
  Exploration of gardens – identifying medicinal herbs
  Dinner in garden of Dr Ahmed
  Overnight in garden
  Overnight in Camel Camp
Day 3 Trekking in High Mountains
  Climb up gulley of Wadi Shagg Tinya (gardens and rock pools)
  Explore ridges and wadis to Wadi Mathar
  Settle into garden
  Dinner round campfire
  Overnight in garden
Day 4 Trekking in High Mountains / Ascent of Mt Katrine
  Climb up Wadi Ahmar
  Lunch on mountain pass
  Ascent to summit of Mt Katrine (highest peak in Egypt)
  Descent to village campe
  Overnight in village camp
Day 5 Camel Riding School / Stars
  Transfer and walk to Camel Riding School
  Lessons on couching, standing, mounting, dismounting and riding a camel
  Lesson on changing the pace of a camel
  Evening trial trek
  Introduction to the stars
  Overnight in camel camp
Day 6 Camel trek
  Descent to village and transfer to Matamir
  Camel trek in the desert of Matamir
  Camel trek and camel running in the soft sand desert
  Arrival at the asphalt road at sunset
  Transfer back to Dahab, Sharm or St Catherine