Our tours are organised in a modular way to allow programmes to be tailored to individual needs and for mixed groups to disperse in separate activities and meet up in the evening to share experiences. Ideal for families or groups in which individuals have different interests, strengths or stamina.

Mt-Sinai-day-trip 1 day: Monastery and Mt Sinai

Visitors can explore the monastery and discover monastic remains on Mt Sinai and still arrive at the summit for sunset. This programme can be done on a day visit from Dahab or Sharm.
Bedouin gardens of Sinai 1 day: Bedouin gardens and medicinal herbs

Visitors can discover the rich tradition of Bedouin gardens and medicinal herbs in a fun day of exploration and eating. This programme can be done on a day visit from Dahab or Sharm.
1 day: Camel school

Visitors can learn how to ride camels in the only camel school in Sinai with fully trained camel teachers. This programme can be done on a day visit from Dahab or Sharm.
Sinai-astronomy 1 evening: Star gazing

A fascinating introduction to the stars can be given on any suitable evening. Please check the monthly moon phases. Both the Camel School and the Ecolodge are perfect venues. The evening can be attached to many other programmes.
2 days: Mt Sinai and the Bedouin gardens

In two days, visitors can visit the monastery, explore Mt Sinai, climb to the summit for sunrise and visit the Bedouin gardens. This provides a good introduction to the region of Mt Sinai, its history, landscape and Bedouin culture.
Camel-riding-school 2 days: Camel school and trek

Two days are best for gaining confidence in camel riding. The first day involves instruction in the skills, and the second, a closely supervised trek.
Camel-trek 2 days: Camel safari

For those who have learnt how to ride camels, Yallajabaleya organises an intensive two day camel trek. Everyone is mounted. No Bedouin is walking on the ground. Only for trained camel riders.
Top-of-Mt-Katrine 3 days: Hiking around Jebel Katrine

Jebel Katrine is the highest mountain in Sinai and is located at the centre of the National Park, rich in Bedouin gardens, monastic ruins and bewildering rock formations. Trekking with pack or camel is possible.
Hiking Jebel Serbal Sinai Egypt 3 days: Hiking around Jebel Serbal

A challenging hike up the Jebel Serbal range which gives exceptional views over the Gulf of Suez and Wadi Firaan. Involves a steep gulley climb and a ridge walk. Trekking with pack or camel is possible.
6 days: Sinai mountain experience 

An effort to pack as much as possible into six days, including ascents of Mt Sinai and Mt Katrine, an introduction to the stars and medicinal herbs, lessons in camel riding followed by a camel safari, and time to relax in the Bedouin gardens.