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2 days: Diving expedition by camel with Nesima

For those who have completed a camel riding course in St Catherine, we offer the opportunity to combine camel riding and diving with an expedition to Ras Abu Galum or Gabr el Bint, remote coastal sites far from the crowds.

Ras Abu Galum: a National Park since 1992; difficult to approach by land while access by sea is restricted which makes it a quiet place to start your diving; expect to find Fire corals, Raspbery corals, small table corals and Salad coral; Butterflyfish, Angelfish, Anthias, Glassfish, Lionfish, Grey Eels, Snapper, Batfish and Pufferfish.

Gabr el Bint: appreciated for its remoteness and tranquillity; the reef is rich in Gorgonian Fans, Table corals, Alcyonarians, black corals and salad corals; reef fauna include Parrotfish, Anthias, Crocodilefish, Triggerfish and Blue Spotted stingrays; out in the blue schools of Trevallies, Snapper and Emperorfish are common.