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1 day: Diving excursions by jeep with Nesima

Dive trips usually involve two dives per day with the option of adding night dives.

Dive sites are accessed by jeep though there are also opportunities to reach more remote sites by boat.

Examples of dive sites visited are given below:

The Bells and the Blue Hole: rich in corals, anemone and reef fish, but most famous for its coral architecture; the two are usually combined in a drift dive; you start at the Bells which is a bell shaped hole at a depth of 30 m within a coral wall that drops more than 800 m; with the wall to your right and the Blue to your left, you drift south to the Blue hole, a circular break in the reef surface popular with snorkelers and accessible to divers at about 7 m; the hole is over 100 m deep with an arch at the bottom allowing an exit out through the reef wall; to dive to the bottom and exit through the arch is a challenge for very experienced technical divers, but many have died in the attempt and we won’t be trying it.

The Canyon: another stunning piece of submarine architecture with caves and canyons lit by blue light shafting through the water; a chance to see octopuses, glassfish and seamoths.