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1 day: Pyramids

Discover the lesser known pyramids, find empty mastaba tombs, climb pigeon lofts and view the sun set over the Giza plateau.

Gallery: Pyramids

1 day Pyramids
Rendezvous in hotel and taxi to Saqqara
Investigate the Step Pyramid of Djozer
Explore the mastabas south of the Step Pyramid which are often empty with beautiful and sometimes amusing relief carvings
Enter the unfinished tomb of Horemheb who seized power in the aftermath of Tutankhamun’s death.
A variety of tombs, mastabas and small pyramids can be explored depending on time and whether they are open
View the beautiful new museum of Saqqara
Take taxi to Dahshur
Walk round the Bent Pyramid and admire the limestone cladding still in place
Enter the Red Pyramid and visit the eerie burial chambers. They are rarely busy and often empty.
Taxi to the Giza plateau
Walk round the pyramids of Giza in the late afternoon sun as crowds disperse
Visit the Solar Boat
Visit the Sphinx
Take taxi to local village and climb pigeon loft
Watch the sunset over Giza as the pigeons race through the sky
Return to the hotel