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1 day: Medieval Cairo

Discover medieval Cairo in the presence of an El Azhari guide. The following is a possible one day programme, but it’s best to be flexible to allow personal interests and passing incidents to flavour the day.

Gallery: Medieval Cairo

1 day Medieval Cairo
Rendezvous in hotel and taxi to Baab el Futuh
View the Fatimid walls of Cairo
View the Mosque of Hakim, the principal congregational mosque of the Fatimids, a Shia’ dynasty that founded Cairo in 969 and ruled it for 200 years
View the mosque of El Aqmar, a small Fatimid mosque with an intimate space and typical decoration from the 11th C.
View the mausoleum of Sultan al-Saalih, last of the dynasty of Saladin,  the Ayyubids, who brought Sunni orthodoxy back to Cairo.
Enter the mosque of Qala’un and admire the brooding power of the richly decorated tomb. Qala’un belonged to the Mamluks, a military slave class that took power from the Ayyubids.
View the adjacent madarasas and tombs of  the Mamluk Sultans, Nasr and Barquq
Walk through the Khan el Khalili
Visit the mosque of El Azhar, the central institution of Sunni orthodoxy
Catch a taxi to El Azhar Park
Take lunch overlooking the lake and the minarets of the Citadel
Walk into the Darb el Ahmar
Walk to the mosque of Ibn Tulun, the first governor to wrest independence from the Caliphate in Damascus.
Admire the courtyard and columned prayer hall, climb the minaret and walk the upper terrace of the mosque
Return to hotel at sundown