Programmes are given for a day, from sunrise to sunset. In the evening, visitors can attend music performances, find interesting restaurants, climb minarets, take a felucca ride or sit and chat in cafes in Downtown.

1 day: Medieval Cairo

Walk from the Northern walls of the Fatimid city through the Medievel city while visiting mosques from the time of the Fatimids, Saladin and the Mamluks. Have lunch in the El Azhar park. Linger in the Ibn Tulun mosque in the late afternoon light.
1 day: Pyramids

Take a taxi to Saqqara in the early morning. View intriguing pyramids and tombs in a beautiful setting. Move on to Dahshur to descend a pyramid without crowds. Visit the Giza plateau in the late afternoon light. Climb  a pigeon loft in the local village.
1 day: Cairo museum, Khan el Kahlili, minaret climbing

Spend the morning in the Egyptian museum. Have lunch Downtown. Visit Cairo’s souq. Lounge around in Mamluk palaces. Climb minarets at sunset and gaze into the blazing streets below as the medieval city is profiled against the evening sky.