Our tours are arranged around different activities in diverse locations and organized in a modular way to allow programmes to be tailored to group needs and interests.

Sinai with Yalla Jabaleya

A variety of cultural tours and adventure programmes are given for one day or several days. These can be combined together for a more comprehensive holiday.
Zarzora programmes Western Desert with Zarzora

A week or more is required to run long distance desert safaris into the remote corners of the Western Desert. Specialised tours of El Alamein can be included or arranged as a short tour from Cairo.
Cairo with El Azhari

For those arriving in Cairo, we can arrange a few days in this revolutionary city before moving on to a wilderness expedition. This is the moment to meet the people and discover a place that has been making history for over six thousand years.
Wilderness Ventures Egypt Dahab diving Red Sea – Dahab

Only an hour and a half from St Catherine, Dahab is a small resort with simple hotels and a laid-back, alternative atmosphere. Most of the dive sites are close by and accessible from the shore – an ideal resort for beginners and those wanting to chill out.
Wilderness Ventures Egypt Sharm Camel Dive Red Sea – Sharm

Slick and fashionable, Sharm has established itself as one of the world’s premier diving resorts and party towns. World class facilities are available for both beginners and advanced divers with quality dive sites accessed by daily boat excursions or longer live-aboard safaris.