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About Us

Gordon Wilkinson Director of Wilderness Ventures Egypt and Yallajabaleya

Gordon has a degree in Biochemistry from Oxford University and has worked for 30 years as a teacher of Physics and Chemistry in London, Paris, Munich, Cairo and Shanghai. He has been involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and has organized student expeditions to the Alps, Pyrenees, Tanzania, Poland and the mountains of Sinai. He is now working with the Jabaleya Bedouin of Sinai and lives in the village of St Katherine.

Ahmed al-Mestekawi Operational Partner in Zarzora Expeditions.

Ahmed has had a distinguished military career leading reconnaissance patrols in the Western desert. This experience led him to being appointed organizer and rescue manager for the prestigious Pharaoh’s rally. For the last 20 years he has also been leading tours to the Western Desert and has worked with many academic institutions, geological surveys and the Egyptian Environment Affairs Agency. In 2002, he was instrumental in discovering one of the most beautiful caves of paintings in the Gilf Kebir, now known as the Mestekawi cave.

Wilderness Ventures Egypt

UK tour agent – incorporated in Scotland, UK: SC378732
Business Address: 7a Greenhill Gardens, Edinburgh, EH10 4BN, UK

Zarzora Expeditions

Egyptian Tour Operator
5 Tahrir St, Mut, Dakhla Oasis, New Valley, Egypt


Bedouin cooperative
Wadi Rasis, St Katrine, South Sinai, Egypt