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Several governments across Europe have now relaxed their travel advice to Egypt's Red Sea Resorts, including Germany, Holland, Belgium and the Czech Republic.

Britain was always more sanguine and never changed its travel advice, regarding the principal tourist resorts in South Sinai as safe.

The Monastery, which closed for a short period last month is now open again to tourists.

We can reassure all our guests that in the company of our drivers and guides they are protected by the whole tribe and are completely safe.

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Moon walks

During this fabulous autumn weather our manager in Sharm, Doro Reinecke, has been organizing trips to our campsite on Mt Sinai during the night of the full moon when an intense silvery light pervades the crags and mountain basins.

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Bedouin gardens

The Bedouin gardens tucked away in the High Mountains continue to be little known though one of the treasures of this area.

Bryony Dunne has spent a year interviewing garden owners and filming their gardens to give us a privileged insight into their world.

A clip can now be seen on Youtube.

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Sinai in the 19th Century

Here are some fascinating pictures of Sinai over 100 years ago. Things haven't changed so much and you may be able to recognize some of the places.

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Monthly star guide

This month we have a comet skirting past Mars, the shadows of the Jovian moons passing over clouds of Jupiter, ideal conditions to view the meteor showers of the Draconids and Taurids and perfect weather to view the stars throughout the night.

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Planetary probe meets inter-stellar space

NASA has reported that its planetary probe, Voyager 1, has just burst through the Heliosphere and has entered inter-stellar space. This is the first time in history that man has sent a machine beyond the confines of the solar system.

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