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2012 and the Mayan calendar

The Ancient Mayan calendar calculates aeons in multiples of 394 years, counting from the Mayan day of creation, over 5,000 year ago. The 13th aeon comes to an end in December, 2012.

Some people think the world will come to an end as well.

Their fear has been compounded by doom laden auguries from a cabal of astrologers and soothsayers.

They point to a perfect alignment in December between the Earth, Sun and the black hole at the centre of our galaxy. A rough alignment occurs every winter solstice on the 21st December, but to be perfect, the solar system has to pass through the galactic plane. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that we are passing through the galactic plane in 2012. Nor is there any scientific theory, whatsoever, that says it will make any whit of a difference.

Others point to an alignment of the planets in 2012, but that’s just a fantasy. The idea has been conjured up out of nothing. There will be no special alignment of the planets next year, and if there were, it would make no difference to our planet anyway.

Some believe that a rogue planet, Nibiru, home to a race of gods sacred to the ancient Sumerian civilisation, is in a 3600 year orbit which will bring it whipping past our planet next year, causing incalculable destruction. Luckily, no such planet has been detected, though some seem to confuse it with Eris, a recently discovered dwarf planet with an orbit of 557 years that lies beyond Pluto and hasn’t a chance of getting any closer.

In October, we will see a new comet, Elenin, which will approach us to within 35 million km. Since it’s much smaller than the moon and 90 times further away, there’s little to fear from it. Speculation that it will flip our magnetic field is specious since comets have no magnetic field of their own and can have no effect on ours

Of course, there’s always a threat of annihilation by an asteroid impact or massive solar flare but both asteroids and the solar corona are being monitored by NASA and nothing odd has been seen.

Or is NASA keeping quiet about it? Do you trust NASA or the warlocks?